Bowden, Greg & Lynn


Year: 1932 Make: Ford Model: Sedan Delivery Engine/HP: Blown 350 Chevy sm. Block
Transmission: 4 speed 200 R4 Automatic Differential: XJ6 Jag Suspension: TCI and Super Bell
Color: Chrysler Mopar Plum Crazy Purple Features/Comments: All steel body, Suicide Doors,
Walker Radiator, Recaro Seats and real knock off Indy Wheels. 


Make: 1932 Ford Model: Sedan Delivery Engine/HP: Blown 350 Chev. Engine, 4 Speed 200 R4 Transmission: XJ6 Jag Differential, 
Bell Axle 4Bar Front Suspension, Color: Cuda Plum Crazy. Special Features: All Steel.
Found out in desert above Henderson NV. in 1983. Finished car in 1985. First run was NSRA
Bakersfield. 3 motors later still on the road.
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