Annual Picnic 2011
2011 Picnic

The weather cooperated on Sunday April 17 for our 8th Annual Picnic and Auction with a turn-out of 51 cars for our internal car show at Windsor Beach. The food was great and once again headed up by our Magic Chef Pete Vander Meulen and assistants Lyle Herwig, Scotty Watson, wives etc. Big thanks to Larry Schnore too. Our Picnic Chairman Barry Serlis brought his new sound system and played great music before and after the auction portion of the day. The auction started off slow but once the auctioneer found out about the surge protectors, it went real well. (anyone need a surge protector?) Nick Nickels was the ring man and kept it flowing with items to sell. Seems as though when they couldn’t find another item to sell Barry would find some tickets in his pocket for the Havasu 95 Racetrack. Between Herb Sturdyvin and Bryan Whitney those tickets were swallowed up.

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